Who are the Koch Brothers?

I tried to figure out who they are exactly on the web, but all the links are just liberals bashing them. Could someone give me their most unbiased answer? Thank you.

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  • Bill P
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    7 years ago
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    First, let me recommend you contact your library. They'll have biography reference books/articles/online databases that can give you a more unbiased background than you'll get from many regular web sources.

    That said, the Wikipedia articles on both brothers seem to play it pretty much down-the-middle, listing their accomplishments and activities while also acknowledging the surrounding controversies:



    It's often the case that Wikipedia articles "settle in" to the details that supporters/detractors can agree upon. Beyond that, most web sources present information about them with a very strong political perspective from one side or the other, so it's important to understand where articles are coming from...another good reason to work with a librarian!

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  • 7 years ago

    They 'head up' Koch Industries (mainly oil products/producing/chemicals etc)....the 2nd largest private company in the US + being a billion+ $ turnover company per year + The Koch Foundation.

    Supposed huge charity givers....for different things.

    Their individual wealth is....'billions each'....equaling being 'untouchable'..!!

    Entrepreneurs and business men....with worldwide (financial) interests.

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