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Anonymous asked in 娛樂與音樂電視其他:電視 · 7 years ago



影片中那首歌的歌手是誰? 歌名是什麼?

求解! 謝謝~

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  • 7 years ago
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    The Tallest Man On Earth - Revelation Blues The Tallest Man On Earth 唱的 曲名 - Revelation Blues用上完整字句 youtube 搜 就有完整此曲影音可選欣賞 . 歌詞 I was more than just a cowardI was handsome tooI felt nothing when your flood came downholding fines that made me wonder if the lights were wrongwith my hands that never touched no groundwhen your talent is in numbersof the many times you're goneI could lie I don't care about forgivingbut sometimes it's just roses dying too youngAs I'm fencing up the hoursin the fields of redwhile you think I'm on a loveless straightin the letters from the lovers in a land gone wrongexplanations always written latewhen your talent curse the framingof the crying you heard sungI could lie I don't care about what's missingbut sometimes it's just roses dying too youngyour train of thoughts is always passing herewith its falling paint, and its broken gearsit's the damn revelation blues when you see the pathand you know you won't be the last,oh lord...I was more than just a terrorI was crying toobut you showed me in the gusts betweenthat a wind is sometimes broken and its flying pathhas no meaning nor a ghost withinwhen your talent is in hidingthat your feeling is always wrongI always want to bring you something

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