Is this an eating disorder?

So like ive always been a really picky eater lije literally i only like about 5 meals (spaghetti,gumbo,lasangna,stroganoff,and filet minon(hibachi style)) but ever since i was young if i was sick or got sick after eating sonething if i even thought about eating it again i would feel nausious and not be able to choje it down this happened with penut butter,pizza,gumbo,and quite a few other foods but lately a foid will like randomly be knocked off my list of foods i eat like ill one day get sick of it and not be able to eat it like it happened with powdered donuts so im asking this because im worried one day i wont have any food left and ill starve because i cant eat.

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  • 6 years ago
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    I truly don't believe you have anything to worry about. It's against nature to allow ourselves to starve for the reason that we don't seem to like many foods. If you suffer from Anorexia Nervosa, where your own body image disturbs you and no matter what, you think you are over-weight, I would say that you have an eating disorder; but I didn't 'hear' you say that when you posted your question. Plus, you sound concerned about your lack of taste for food and your concerns clash with the thoughts about food that an Anorexic person might have.

    How is your weight; are you at a healthy weight? If you don't know what is a healthy weight for your age, gender and height, access a free BMI calculator on-line and check your BMI (Body Mass Index). Conduct a Yahoo search to find a free, on-line, BMI calculator so you can check to see if you are at a healthy weight. If you're at an unhealthy weight, it would be a good idea to discuss this with your doctor, along with your thoughts and taste for food.

    Please research eating disorders by searching Yahoo for web-sites that discuss this subject and read all that you can. Pay close attention to the signs and symptoms of any / all eating disorders that have to do with either starving yourself and / or having a poor self-image of yourself.

    My middle son gets quite chubby and has to slow down on his eating every now and then so he can lose some of his unwanted weight in order to be within a healthy weight-range. I'm happy he has enough self-discipline to slow down and lose weight but yo-yoing like he does isn't very healthy--neither are his food choices. He loves food and likes to eat just because food taste good.

    My youngest son can't seem to find food that he likes and he is very thin. He wishes he could gain weight but he doesn't and part of this is genetics (his metabolism) and part of this is that he puts off eating for as long as he can because he doesn't like food nor does he like to eat. He says eating is a chore and that he wishes it wasn't a necessity. He can't understand why his older brother likes food and enjoys eating. He calls his older brother a sport eater since his brother doesn't eat out of necessity but rather, he eats because he likes it ... so to him, his older brother as making a sport out of eating.

    We're all different and some people just don't like food, while others like it so much that they eat way too much and are over-weight, which is not healthy. Since you are concerned about your eating patterns, please read about healthy BMIs and eating disorders as suggested above. The quicker you identify and address any type of eating disorder, better off you will be. But I just have a funny feeling that you are okay and that you just aren't in-love with food. And no, you won't run out of foods that you do like and then starve yourself.

    I hope all goes well for you, and I wish you good health and much happiness! Take care Maddie!!

  • 6 years ago

    You are incredibly obsessive about food. I can't believe your mother allowed this to happen to you. My kids ate what was put in front of them or they did without. As a result, they are not picky eaters and try new things all the time. You are missing out on a lot of really wonderful food. I hope you enjoy torturing yourself and denying yourself all the great foods in the world. Get some professional help.

  • 6 years ago

    it is a mental illness and yes is a eating disorder.

    any time you obsess over eating in any way, its an illness.

  • 6 years ago

    If you get hungry enough you'll eat.

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