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Eric B
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Eric B asked in SportsOlympics · 6 years ago

2014 Sochi Winter Olympics: figure skating questions?

Winter Olympics fans,

Firstly I am a complete green horn when it comes to observing the what, who, where, when or why about figure skating.

My wife and I were watching the Team Figure Skating events and I was confused about the representation Team USA was using.

Hopefully 'expert' observers can clear up the following Qs:

Q 1. Why is Team USA 'rotating' their skaters? (ex: on one night Wagner skates, then another night it is Gracie Gold)

Q 2. IF the entire team rotates in, then out to let another compete, why do they bother having the 'Individual Events' later if the Russians already won the Team portion***?

*** (again, first time seeing Team Event but does this not tire the athletes for the Individual events later?)

Q 3. After seeing the 15 year old Russian girl (name?) win the night for the Russians in the Team event, is it simply a matter of her 'showing up' to win gold in 'Individual Women' Events later on?

Q 4. After seeing the 31 year old Russian man (name? Plushenko?) win the night for the Russians in the Team event, is it simply a matter of him 'showing up to win gold in 'Individual Men' Events later on?

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    1) Team USA rotated their skaters so they won't tire them out. If Gracie Gold performed both the free and short program, when you have Ashley Wagner, who is equally as good as Gold, sitting out there waiting until the individual events to begin, then wouldn't that be a major disadvantage towards Gold when she has to perform in the individual event a few days later.

    2) Not sure how to answer this one.

    3) No, you shouldn't expect Julia Lipnitskaia (the Russian girl) to win Gold in the Woman's figure skating event. The best female skater right now is Kim Yu Na from South Korea, who won the Gold in 2010. South Korea isn't well known for figure skating, so they didn't compete in Team Event. The Team Figure Skating was created so countries who don't have star figure skating powers but still have good figure skaters have a chance at winning a figure skating medal.

    4) However, on the men side, it seems destine for Evgeni Plushenko to win the Gold for men's this year in figure skating as he is currently the best male figure skater in the world right now. Since American Evan Lysacek, winner of the Gold in 2010, dropped out of the Olympics this year due to an injury, on paper there isn't anyone that can compete well against Plushenko.

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