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What are your thoughts about ladies figure skating at the 2014 olympics?

I really think that Julia Lipnitskaia could beat Yuna Kim, I honestly feel that the contention for gold is between Yuna and Julia, with Mao close behind. I am rooting for an american on the podium, but I think all three US ladies are a little overrated. I love Ashleys in your face personality and her being able to improve in just a few weeks since nationals, and all three seem quite headstrong, but their skating just doesn't have a "wow" factor to me.

For the men I have to say Jason Brown and Evgeni Plushenko are my favorites, I love the flamboyant, in your face performances. Highly entertaining and fun to watch.

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  • L&M
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    6 years ago
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    I think Yulia's skating definitely has that wow factor, and she could get the gold. Gracie Gold has shown a lot of consistency and she wowed me in the past. I'll be rooting for an American on the podium too. As we've seen several times in the past, anyone can have a bad day, which would leave room for an underdog to slip into a medal position.

    I think the younger skaters have an edge over the older skaters. As one gets older injuries start taking a toll, practices may be less diligent, they have more distractions and demands and expectations from the media and sponsors, etc. As we saw with Evgeni Plushenko today, his back was hurting so his performance suffered.

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  • I'm so disgusted by the scoring of the team event I kind of don't care anymore. I think Yuna will still win if she's clean, but if she's not Julia will be standing on top of that podium. I like Julia but her score inflation is ridiculous. We haven't seen Adelina yet but as long as she stays on her feet, I'm sure she'll be getting the same Russian bonus and will also medal. Don't think Mao or anyone else is going to medal. Oh well. It'll be a personal triumph for some. Carolina put out a gorgeous perfect SP and Gracie did great. The judges also seem to be over Ashley, as expected. Hope Akiko got over her nerves in the team event and goes on to have the performances of her life.

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  • 6 years ago

    The only reason I'm not complaining about Russians being slightly overscored is because I'm hoping it'll work in Yulia's advantage in the Womens Event. If YuNa Kim wins again, I'm going to cry. She has such a bad attitude. I really love watching Yulia; she's got beautiful programs that are age appropriate, yet still enable her to stand out among the older, more experienced skaters. She's clean, neat, and her jumps are fine. They're not massive, but they don't need to be. She's getting the rotation, which is all that matters.

    I think the podium will be Yulia, YuNa, and either Kostner or Mao (no particular order), assuming everyone skates clean. Hoping for a top 10 finish for Kaetlyn Osmond. For Ice dance, the result is basically already decided; USA, Canada, and Russia. Pairs will be Russia, Germany, then either Russia or Canada. Men is going to come down to who can skate clean.

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  • K
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    6 years ago

    I don't even like Yuna Kim and I think it would be an absolute disgrace if Lipnitskaya beat her. Kim's jumps are at least nice and large, and her Lutz is a true Lutz, not a horrible flutz, and her double Axel is very nice, not a mangled tiny thing.

    And Kim can at least hear the music, and interpret it, rather than just relying on gumby flexibility maneuvers and calling it "artistry".

    Jeez, never thought I'd be liking Yuna Kim so much, but she's a far better skater than Lipnitskaya. Lipnitskaya is one of those skaters who will disappear the instant she hits puberty. Her jump technique is simply too bad and they're too small - when she develops she is going to develop a chronic underrotation problem and her double Axel simply won't hold up.

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