Good comedian bits about how women are crazy?

I already know of Louis CK's women vs. girls bit. I love CK's comedy style.

I am looking ranting, plain goofy, or mocking humor about how women treat each other, sort of along the lines of how the adorable John Mulaney described how a heist of women would go [them making snide and/or passive aggressive jabs at each other the whole time]




Just looking for specific bits or comedians that often cover how women can be mean or cruel in an insane way.

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  • 7 years ago
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    How about this classic one by Eddie Murphy

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  • 7 years ago

    Maria Bamford talks about relationships a lot. Patton Oswalt talks about how nerdy guys are and how no woman will want that. Jim Jeffries is someones compared to Louie CK but really, most people hate him. To be honest, relationships and male vs female is really common in stand up. Just watch a few comedians and you will pick up on their style after 10 minutes to see if you should youtube their other material.

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