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ALaw asked in Social ScienceSociology · 6 years ago

What do you think about this Trayvon Martin-esque case? Dangerous to be black in America?

Is it suddenly alright to take the life of unarmed black teenagers? This is disturbing and, in all honestly, it's making me sort of wary of white people.

We talked about this case in my Sociology class and we're having a full debate about it now. Most people agree that he was nothing more than a "gun slingin' racist", but some others (all noticeably white; this is just an observation) said that his actions were justified.

What do you think? In your opinion, is it dangerous to be black in America?

-Here's another! It's tragic. I live in NC so this is applicable to my life.

Do you think that this was a racially charged incident? I certainly do. I'm 110% that this would have played out differently had this man been white.

Also, what do you think that we as a country can do to stop things like this from happening?

*If anyone was offended, I do apologize. I just want to see what the people of Y!A think*

I also asked my teacher if I could use the opinions of you wonderful people on Y!A in class to spark our discussion and he agreed. So, your answers may be used in my class (anonymously of course)!


Proudaries, you sound unbelievably ignorant. Maybe...I dunno...try reading the article I've left in the details above.

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    6 years ago
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    You do realize that a lot of people who see a post like yours, will use black intraracial crime (most crimes are intraracial) as a deflection. But yes, if some one who is white or is identified as white (as George Zimmerman, don't give me that crap about "he's not white! He's hispanic" yet most who said that still supported him, including David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan) kills an unarmed black then claims "self defense", he will most likely get off especially since he has a sorry prosecution and a badly selected and mishandled jury that Zimmerman had with juror having the worldview of juror B 37, who not only CLEARLY only looked at it from the perspective of Zimmerman and could not in anyway look at it from Trayvon's perspective (the boy of color), but then to make things even more insulting was that she ADMITTED THAT ZIMMERMAN LIED! Take a look at 11:54 of Juror B-37's interview with Anderson Cooper.

    Youtube thumbnail

    @ 11:54, she says "I'm sure there were fabrications, enhancements".

    for more on information you might not have known about the Zimmerman trial, see my post on

    Yes, bottom line is that there are still people out there who view blacks in a negative light regardless of how many blacks proved they are NOT living up to those stereotypes compared to the few that do. And there are still people out (like Juror B37 and her fellow jurors) there that will say that they are not racist but they live in a bubble with a perspective that blacks are "others''. Colorblind prejudice. If these same folks were around during the Civil Rights movement they would have been saying (if they would not flat out be protesting against it and committing violence) "I don't understand what problem the blacks have everythings fine".

    Michael Dunn's jury thankfully is much more diverse than Zimmerman's trial (one hispanic, the rest all white, all females, two of them, including B37 were showing biases in favor of Zimmerman during jury selection and should have been removed but were kept on anyway). But there is still the bad news of Michael Dunn's trial being handled by Angela Corey (who unlike Zimmerman's trial where she was nowhere to be seen until after the verdict,where she was smiling, is actually in the courtroom for this trial of Michael Dunn) and John Guy.

    But I do have faith that Michael Dunn's trial might go a little differently than Zimmerman's.

    I do think that if those kids had been white, Dunn probably would not have been so quick to run over to his vehicle for his gun. Like what happened with Renisha McBride.

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  • Chirp
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    6 years ago

    I am a middle aged American woman and the mother of two teenagers. I grew up during a racially charged time and place. I went go a tacially blended urban high school. As I matured, I saw racialism as the ignorant and destructive hatred that it is. I think the Trayvon case had two sides to it, and was very complex. I don't think we will ever really know the whole truth of that. I don't think either Trayvon or Martin meant for things to escalate to such tragedy that night. I don't think the current case is as complicated. I hope that the whole truth will be revealed and justice will prevail. It is too soon to for us to know.

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  • 6 years ago

    Criminals often imitate and carry out felonies very similar to the ones they see.

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