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What was your scedule for Freshman year in HS?


Geometry Honors

World History

English Honors

Physics Advanced Honors

Spanish II

Elective & Physical Ed (P.E.)

Do you think this is a good scedule, and I don't know if I should take the physics class, its REALLY hard. It focuses on engineering, you wont take biology in highschool because its to easy0.0. Only like 40 people out of a lot of people got into that class but I'm not even that good at science. Its a suprise i got in, you had to submit a application. I think it was my essays that won them over really.

Rate 1-10 on how difficult and time consuming this sounds. (Block scedule)

I will also do clubs like cross country, student council, and a few more I'm not sure on now. And i have a life sooo.

What jobs would I have a possibilty doing with my scedule, what jobs are for engineering?

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    There are many different kinds of engineers (environmental, biomedical, etc.) Honors high school Physics involves basic Algebra w/ word problems so as long as you try your hardest, you should do just fine. I know of many freshmen who have taken honors physics and made a good grade in the class (no they weren't geniuses, just hard working people). To have a life with your classes while being in clubs, it's all about time management.

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