Sea lion

What does sea lion eat?

Who are sea lion's predator(掠食者)?

How long is sea lion's life span(壽命)?


What does seal eat?

Who are seal's predator(掠食者)?

How long is seal's life span(壽命)?

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    Seal is a broad term.

    Pinniped, a diverse group of semi-aquatic marine mammals many of which are commonly called sealsSea lion is more specific.

    (1) What does seal/sea lion eat?

    Sea lions are carnivores that mainly eat fish. The types of fish they eat include: rockfish, Pacific cod, capelin, squid and octopus. Male sea lions do not eat during the breeding season as they spend most of time taking care of their young.

    Another source also mentioned:

    They eat herring, pacific whiting, rock fish, hake, salmon, squid and octopus.

    Sea lions consume large quantities of food at a time and are known to eat about 5–8% of their body weight (about 15–35 lb (6.8–15.9 kg)) at a single feeding.

    (2) Who are seal/sea lion's predator(掠食者)?Seals are the favorite food of many predators. Sharks, killer whales, and polar bears, etc.

    Many species of seals have no natural predators. This is due to the location where they live and their sheer size. However, others have plenty of large predators that they need to be worried about. One of them is the great white shark. Some people fear that an abundance of seals in a given area will bring more of those aggressive sharks to their waters. There is no evidence to really prove that will occur though.

    Killer Whales are another predator or seals in some areas. It is often the younger pups that have just started going into the water that these larger animals will feed on. This is due to the fact that they swallow their prey instead of chewing it. However, both sharks and killer whales are able to bite of huge chunks to swallow from larger prey. Therefore, adult seals aren’t something they will pass up for a meal should the opportunity present itself.The biggest threat to seals is from other water animals. This is understandable since they spend long time of their live in the water. They are also threatened by some land animals as well though.

    (3) How long is seal/sea lion's life span(壽命)?They have an average life span of 20–30 years.

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