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AvianShadow asked in SportsOlympics · 6 years ago

2014 Sochi Olympics, Will Evgeni Plushenko Perform?

Or did I miss his performance on the 6th??

I'd like to know if he will do any more in the winter olympics, cuz I just found out yesterday that the olympics were starting, and I just watched the opening ceremony on the 7th...


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  • Grinch
    Lv 7
    6 years ago
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    All you missed so far was the mens' short program in the (new event) TEAM competition. He placed 2nd and the Russian team is currently in 1st place heading into the final (long program) competition. You can see his performance here:

    Youtube thumbnail

    He will perform his long program in the team competition on Sunday.

    He will also be skating both his short and long program in the individual competition. Not sure when the mens' competition takes place, but Plushenko is Russia's only mens' singles representative in these Olympics, so he will FOR SURE be featured prominently in TV coverage.

    ADDED: The Mens' competition is February 13 (short program) and 14 (long program). Plushenko will skate in both of those.

    Here's a link to the schedule for all the skating events:

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  • K2010
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    yes, he was 2rd after short program, but who knows what is going to happen now

    tune to NBC

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