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whats a mobile web app...?

where can i learn to build them...



i already asked this question once before..but no one understood my question...

i was surfing over the internet and i found info on the mobile web apps..


this link kinda explains that web apps are way better than native apps...

but i dont know what do i have to learn to make mobile web apps...

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    Maybe you should clarify what exactly you're asking then?

    You have to learn JavaScript. Web apps, whether for mobiles or not, are written in JavaScript.

    They compare native mobile apps (written in Java for Android, Objective-C for iOS) to web apps that use their wrapper or framework.

    In order to make mobile web apps, you have to learn JavaScript.

    Just learn JavaScript, and you can create mobile web apps.

    In case you're curious about what you have to learn in order to create web apps: it's JavaScript.

  • 6 years ago

    Mobile web app is responsive for desktop and mobiles.

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