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Where is the least painful place to draw blood with a knife? (like a sacrifice)?

I'm trying to research it, but all I get is self-harms stuff. I'm sure we're all familiar with the cutting open your hand to draw blood for either a sacrifice or to swear something but apparently that's a stupid thing to do and there are places where cutting the skin is much less painful than on the hand but I don't know where.

Does anyone know where this might be?

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    It always ticks me off that they show a knife across the palm for blood in the movies. That cuts your finger tendons and ruins the ability to use your fingers after that. Stupid.

    You want just blood with minimum pain then take the tip of the knife and push in at the fleshy part of the hand on the inside, below the little finger but just above the wrist. You have a 1/2 inch area there that will bleed but not be moving around like the ball of the thumb, so less pain. Since you use your little finger far less when manipulating anything, the little finger tip would work too, but that's more painful.

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    There are no pain nerves in the brain itself; you cal slice and dice your gray matter all you want. The trouble is getting in there in the first place, because the skin on the outside does feel pain. And then what you do after you've accidentally lobotomized yourself.

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    The forehead lacks as many nerve endings as a lot of places on the body. So does the upper arm and shins.

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