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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 6 years ago

not & no questions

no find(noun)

no finding(gerund)

do not find(verb)

be not good(adj.)

How about ''eat''?

not eat(verb)?

no eat(verb)?

(if the words are just verb form,

i want to use with ''not'' or ''no'' as start like a short sentence.)

Is it i just can use ''do not eat(verb)'' and ''no eating(gerund)'' ?

Please give me some examples.

If can please provide the reference.


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  • wiwi
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    6 years ago
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    区别一:no是形容词,可直接放在名词之前。但若名词前已有the, a(n),any, much, enough等词,则用副词not。如:

    正:I have no (=not any) money. 我没有钱。

    正:I haven’t much money. 我没有很多钱。

    误:I have no much (no any) money.


    John is not better than Tom. 约翰不如汤姆好。

    John is no better than Tom. 约翰和汤姆一样不好(=坏)。

    类例:no richer than = as poor as 一样穷

    no taller than = as short as 一样矮

    no later than = as early as 一样早


    He’s not a poet. 他不是诗人。

    He’s no poet. 他决不是诗人。

    区别四:no和not…any 均可表示完全否定。注意,英语习惯上不说any…not。如:

    正:He hasn’t any money. 他没有钱。

    正:No one came to see me. 没有人来看过我。

    误:Any one didn’t come to see me.    


    The teacher told him not to be late again. 老师叫他不要再迟到。

    Not having received an answer, he decided to write another letter to her. 由于没接到回信,他决定再给她写一封信。


    No smoking. 禁止吸烟。

    No admittance except on business. 非公莫入。

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I find no faults in this report.There is no finding of solid DNA on this dead body.I do not find anything wrong in this report.I am not good at calculus. I do not eat sushi.I eat no sashimi.Not knowing the agenda of the meeting, I would not be ableto assemble the data in an efficient way.There is no eating allowed inside the cinema.

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  • 6 years ago

    本週之星 介紹了最基本的原則,希望同學明白吧。


    There is not enough food here.


    你也會譯作 「這裏沒有足夠的食物」。

    所以 not 也可以解作 沒有, no 也可以解作 不

    但是否 adj 前則一定用 not 呢?


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  • 6 years ago

    not 是 "不是",no 是 "沒有",例句,he is not a man,there is no poor man。

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