Make a server from old hardware vs buying brand-new hardware?

Hello! I want to create a new server for home use, however I don't know if I should buy 2nd hand/surplus parts or brand new ones. Here are my questions:

- Should I go with an old Pentium IV (which I can get for like 10-20 bucks), a second-hand intel i3 (40-50 bucks) or a brand new intel i3 (over 100 bucks)?

- As for the motherboard, should I use an old one (for the pentium) or a second-hand/new one for the i3? What should I expect from one versus the other?

- Can I use a normal (as in my old) PC case? It has space for at least 3 3.5' SATA HDD and a 250W power supply

- Should I worry about getting low-consumption hardware (as in intel i3 2100T) or, at the low usage of the server, it isn't noticeable/doesn't matter?

I plan on using the server for a few things (which, if I would need more than one server to do, I would gladly thank you if you pointed that out):

- NAS Backup and media storage

- Remote-accessable virtual machine (I would like to be able to have it running windows server and a windows 7/XP and/or debian virtual machine to tinker with)

- DNS/SQL/DHCP/Print server

- Firewall (does it make a big difference at home? In my college they set up a server just for dedicated firewall, and it makes a lot of difference due to the huge security needs they have)

- Web site hosting (nothing fancy, mostly HTML/Flash/javascript)

- Cloud or FTP file storage (since I'm away from home the entire week, and it would be nice to get some media in case I might want to see it/have an alternative to dropbox/GDrive)

- Torrenting

Also, it would be used as a testing rig, since I'm learning Windows Server 2008 and will learn UNIX-based server architectures. Oh, and if I set it up as a NAS storage server, can I access it from the internet using VPN?

I think this pretty much covers it up


4 Answers

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Definitely, a brand new server is your choice since you use for server purpose and there're some crucial service to work with.

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    7 years ago

    You should use the new disk and other hardware are not necessarily.

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