How Do I remove BrowserSafeguard ?

I can see BrowserSafeguard.exe in my task manager, so it is definitely running and slowing down my internet connection. I tried to find it in my program list, to uninstall it, but it isn't there. Any help is appreciated.

os win7-64bit


Hi Honey Mor....thanks for responding...When i reach step 4 "Perfect Uninstaller" prompts me to enter a serial number!! Help!!! .(my pc keeps freezing..its getting from bad to took me 10 min to download your answer and reply)

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    7 years ago
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    You could fully uninstall BrowserSafeguard from your computer in 4 steps.

    My PC ran slowly after I installed BrowserSafeguard. And it ate up a lot of system resource. When I wen to Task Manager, I found it took nearly 90% CPU. And my pc was freezing. Thus, I wanted to remove BrowserSafeguard. But I couldn't delete it through Control Panel and Start Menu because it was not listed there. I had searched and tried so many software removal guides to totally get rid of BrowserSafeguard. The most useful one is below:

    1.Disable BrowserSafeguard and all related processes in task manager

    2.Download and use BrowserSafeguard removal tool such as Perfect Uninstaller.

    3. Locate the folder where you installed BrowserSafeguard, normally in C:\Program Files

    4. Right-click the folder of BrowserSafeguard and select "Force Uninstall with PU" function to start removal processes.

    After you finish the onscreen steps, you have already deleted BrowserSafeguard from your computer.

    Meanwhile, you could learn how to force uninstall a program with program uninstall tool step by step in the video below:

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    Source(s): You can also know about the BrowserSafeguard removal tool in its official blog:
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    7 years ago

    An excellent & simple way of removing this invasive Spy/Adware is to use Piriform's CCleaner. The "Tools" section of CCleaner is an uninstall tool which lists all the programs on your computer. Just click on the offensive program to high light it, then click "RunUninstaller" and follow the steps. Of course like any sleazy program BrowserSafeguard will show a pop up caution advising you not to uninstall it - ignore it and hit continue. Then look in Windows Programs list and you'll find the BrowserSafeguard file is still present but when you click on it you'll see all that it contains is the uninstall function. Just delete the whole file and you're through.

    In addition CCleaner is an excellent tool for removing all the junk on your computer. Also it does a great job of cleaning your Registry and gives you the option of saving what you removed in a separate file just in case.

    By the way the BrowserSafeguard snuck into my system when I downloaded the new Java Update from CNET. Also got some other trash programs which I'm in the process of removing. I knew something was fishy when downloading because I wasn't offered the choice of a custom install where I could choose not to download any other programs piggy-backing on the one of my choice. I probably will not download anything from CNET again.

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