I am studying Business Management and I was wondering what books should I read to help me with my course?

I do Business Management and this semester I am doing Principle of marketing, Professional competence and Business context.

(I also do Numeracy but I've got a couple Maths CD's and loads of textbooks for this module already to help me)

So I was wondering what textbooks can I read to help me with these modules?

And for Principle of marketing I've got coursework/presentation about marketing for a company like we need to find out the Swot, porters 5 forces, Pestle and other kinds of things, does anyone know any good websites as well as books were I can find this stuff about a company or what other things I should research about a company?

And for Business context I have to do a presentation about the pharmaceutical industry.

If you can just recommend some good textbooks, newspaper articles, journals etc then I can buy/borrow the books and other stuff from a local library.

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    6 years ago
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    You can also research through the web. There are countless sources (including websites of libraries and magazines) where you can find relevant information.

  • 6 years ago

    The SWOT Analysis Microsoft Word template that I bought online helped me with my Business and Marketing studies. It was put together by a team of fortune 500 company CEO's, CIO's, CFO's, Project Managers and leading consultants, it is well-structured, easy-to-follow and highly recommended.

    The SWOT Analysis template was so good that I also purchased a Business Case Template from the same company which also helped me with my research. All the best, regards, Jackson

  • 6 years ago

    The best person to ask would be your instructors and/or department heads.

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