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Is there a chance she likes me?

When she went to my birthday she asked if she could bring a friend of hers. Then once she got pissed at me because on a volleyball tournament i told her i was going to make a banner with her name and MVP (joking). Also she doesnt hang out much and she doesnt drink afraid of how she will react. So i ask this girl out and she says she wants to but when the time comes and i ask her she has plans with her friends or studying. I dont know if im coming on too strong or what but how can i take her on a date? She almost aleays answer my texts but this weekend she didnt answer them. I saw her yesterday and she acted normally and said that the message never arrived. I saw her today and she was in a direction then saw me and went to where i was. I also notice her sometimes tugging her hair

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    eu acho dificil, pelo fato dela não ter te resppondido, mas se voce gosta dela, investe, se voce for uma boa pessoa com ela, e se tornar o melhor na vida dela, ela vai ficar com voce. isso não é dificil e nem um bicho de sete cabecas, conquiste um espaco seu no coracao dela, aos poucos voce ira conseguir, tudo acontece na hora certa ;)

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    7 years ago

    i think she does but shy

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