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How long can you eat canned pineapple after the expiration date?

I made a cake with a can of Dole's pineapple that expired in 2011.

Will I get sick?

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    That's not an Expiration date, but a Best by date. As long as the can hasn't bulged, the pineapple is fine.

    I don't even look at the dates on cans, other than to use the oldest first. I remember when there weren't dates on every food product.

    Enjoy your pineapple with no fears of getting sick.

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    Does Canned Pineapple Go Bad

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    The pineapple itself is safe to eat. The flavor is affected. I just opened a can of pineapple slices in unsweetened juice, best use by date June 2014 (today is August 2016). The flavor is flat. I'll know for sure it's safe if I'm alive tomorrow.

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    you'll be fine

    canned goods last for many many years and the expirations do not mean anything health related, more like flavor not as strong or product discolored--those type of changes

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    there is no majic expiration dates. that is sell by or best eaten. canned

    goods can last months and years. then smell the goods if over a year old.

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    I just used a canned of pineapple with an expiration date of 2/2016. To date is 2/20/17. Is this can of pineapples safe to use. I garnished a ham.

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