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How long and how fast can the Boeing 777X fly?

With and without passengers and cargo.

This requires the Boeing 777-8X and Boeing 777-9X.

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    Topping-off fuel tanks in ALL airplanes reduces passenger (or payload) capacity -

    A 777-8X will be he same - They might have to reduce number of passengers for long flights -

    I do not know the 777-8X - but will be same as any other airplane -

    With full passenger, cargo or payload, they will have to reduce maximum flight range -

    As far as the speed goes, they will probably be cruising at Mach .84, light or heavy -

    Giving you an example for a 747...

    With a 747 and 380 passengers, we can fly 13 hours long sectors legs -

    But fully loaded 747 cargo (carrying 120 tons freight) barely can carry fuel for 7 hours flight -

    Source(s): Retired airline pilot
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  • 6 years ago

    Boeing doesn't list technical info without passengers, but you can find most of the information you're looking for on Boeing's website:

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