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What parts for upgrading PC?

In early summer of 2013 I built a gaming PC for myself. Its been a while and its starting to get out of date. I was wondering what parts I should upgrade to be able to max out almost any game i want. Here are a list of the parts I currently have.

Processor: AMD A8 5600K 3.6ghz

Motherboard: MSI FM2-A75MA-E35

Graphics card: Gigabyte geforce gtx 660

Case: Ostrog ECA3250

Power supply: Thermal intake smart 750W

RAM: 8gb corsair vengence

Hard drive: I already know its bad so im going to upgrade it no matter what

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    This is nice built but i would recommend u to get a r9 280x in place of gtx 660 which wil enable u run max out any game smoothly....

    But if ur budget is more than 400$ then get r9 290x (600$)

    And later on upgrade ur processor to atleast fx 8320...

    Good luck

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    well like keshav said you can get the cpu but you would need to get an am3+ board and from that road you can get a 2nd 660 and sli (if motherboard permits it) or buy a 770 since is better than a 280x at $330 or if you play at very high resolution the 4gb 770 at $380

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