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How to get the most of single life in my thirties?

I am currently 33 and have been single my entire life and have ever had girlfriend. I am going to college to see how far I can go in the education system. Besides this how can i make the most of my single life in my thirties?

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    I would explore the arts, music, painting, pottery, and explore places and activities, like hiking, different states, famous sites of the world if you can. Make what people call a bucket list, do some every year, like sky diving and bungy jumping at least once.

    A site that may work for you is All kinds of groups on there and you can make your own. I've enjoy dinner clubs, hiking, and going to movies with the people I met ther.

    I've taken pottery at a local community center...some of the most fun I've had.

    Going fast is usually a lot of fun, on skies, in a boat, on a bike. Try getting a motorcycle, dirt or street or trail.

    Lots of ways to have fun.

    Read some of the best authors, read some of the classics. Some of my favorite authors: Louis L'Amour, Clancy, Prescott. The books Deep Survival, First Light & Wild Trees.

    Archery, ax throwing, sword fighting, martial arts, wrestling, boxing, kick boxing, yoga, Tai Chi are all fun and adventuresome. Tai Chi will train your body to flow, become more flexible. Bruce Lee is famous for wanting to know how much his body could do.

    Shooting, clays, competitive pistol and long range rifle shooting are fun.

    When you're hiking, practice survival skills, staying overnight in your own shelter, learn 12 ways to start a fire, build a trap, winter camp.

    Some ideas...have fun & good luck.

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    Become bisexual and double the potential dating pool.

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