What's all this buzz about NFC?

Can anyone here explain about NFC technology and its real life application?

Suggest blog/article/webpages from I can get insight of this tech(apart from Wikipedia).

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  • stu
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    7 years ago
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    NFC (near field communication) has been around for a while now, used in those quick pass Credit Cards and at gas pumps. however, in the past couple years it has come to pretty much every android phone out there as it is built into the android OS since android 4.0

    its pretty handy if I do say so myself. i use it on a daily basis.

    I have some NFC chips I got from amazon, and i use an app to program them to do various tasks.

    so, when i get in my car in the morning, i tap my phone to a tag, it will turn wifi off, set my volume to max volume, connect to my cars Bluetooth, and open iHeartRadio and start playing my last station.

    when i get to work, i tap another tag, it turns my voumes completely off, vibrate mode on, and connects to my bluetooth headset.

    when i get home, I tap another tag, it turns volumes to a certain volume, wifi goes on, BT goes Off.

    at night, i tap another tag, it turns brightness all the way down, turns notifications off, keeps the ringer on and keeps the screen time-out to 5 minutes and sets my alarm for the next day.

    also, with android, you can make payments at supported locations with google wallet, and you can transfer images, web pages, and some other stuff from one androi device to another. say I want to share a picture with my brother, we tap our phones together, and i can send the picture in a few seconds...no need to e-mail, or text it to him. it comes over fast and at full resolution.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    NFC is in its most common avatar is a Tap & Pay solution that can be used for retail offline payments, transit, entertainment and numerous other touch points. Any unattended payment situation such as a parking lot presents huge opportunity. For e.g., clipper card or any cashless cards being used today for public transport can be integrated into the ubiquitous phones itself thereby making the public transport payments easier.

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