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How can I sell a stock if E*Trade tells me that I don't have enough shares in a security in my account?


I'm trying to get rid of 20,000 shares of AEGY

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    If you're holding the stock or it's held elsewhere you will have to call Customer Service to put the sale through. The firm may want you to deliver the stock to the firm before they will let the sale go through.

    If the stock is being held by another broker/dealer, once again you will have to call Customer Service to put the order through for you, AND you will need either ACATS forms (which Customer Service can provide you) or have the other broker deliver the stock to E-Trade

    However, if the stock is not DTC eligible, you E-Trade may not accept the stock from another broker.

    Apparently your account is not long 20,000 shares. If you just bought the stock, make sure payment has been received by E-Trade and you;re not using the proceeds of the sale to pay for the purchase.

    Call Customer Service

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    You cannot sell more shares than are currently in your account!

    If you are trying to sell and buy something else at the same time, you need lots of cash, because proceeds from the sale take 3 business days to settle before they can be used for purchasing something else.

    Shares can be sold in any quantity and are NOT limited to multiples of 100 or 1,000. (from: Personal experience)

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    Shares are only sold or purchased in blocks of 100s and 1000s.

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