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Is it suitable to observe the organizational behavior instead of the individual's behavior? Since most of the information I read of observation is all about observing individual.

I want to conduct a observation of the content on certain media as part of my primary data. Is this acceptable for a research project?

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    What is 'observation' in primary research methods?

    Observational research involves observing something WITHOUT changing it or any variables involved. You will just record what you 'observe' without interfering with it in such a way that the outcome may change. If one or more variables are changed, this is 'causal' research or experimental research.

    It can provide quantitative or qualitative data. An example of quantitative is the cables stretched across roads that measure the number of cars and their speed each day. These provide solid quantitative data that can be used to decide whether or not to install speedtraps (e.g. speedhumps, bottlenecks, roundabouts etc) or if roads are over capacity etc.

    An example of qualitative is toy companies observing children playing with their toys. They watch and see how the kids use them, how social they are with the toys, what toys are played with most etc.

    Researching what dog breed people prefer based on observation is possible (though probably not the best method). It might involve you sitting in a dog shelter or outside a pet shop and observing what breeds of dog people purchase. It is hard to make the inference of what people *prefer* though.

    Observation can be a tricky method as it involves interpretation based on your recorded observations. For example, over a one month period you might find that 50% of people bought a labrador from a pet shop. Does that mean people prefer them though? What other breeds did the shop have? Was there a sales promotion on the labradors? And so on...

    Sales records are another example of observational research or data. As a pet store owner you could check the records of what dog breeds you have sold.


    Introduction to Primary Research:

    Observations, Surveys, and



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