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2pm fans 請進!!!!!

各位喜歡2pm ge 師姐師兄, 最近我中2左2pm,但吾係幾識分them,

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我想問下裡面著藍jacket and 彩色衫是誰? 另外plz tell me 其他人ge名, 例如唱"give me one more chance" 是誰? 紅色長jacket是誰, 等等 plz plz!!! Thx!!!! :)

2 Answers

  • 6 years ago
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    著藍jacket and 彩色衫 :俊昊(이준호)

    唱"give me one more chance": 澤演(옥택연)

    紅色長jacket :Nichkhun(닉쿤)

    其他人:Jun. K(김민준),祐榮(장우영),燦盛(황찬성)

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  • 6 years ago

    wearing the blue jacket and 彩色衫 : junho(俊昊)

    singing "give me one more chance": taecyeon(澤演)

    red jacket :Nichkhun

    the others :Wooyoung(祐榮),Chansung(燦盛),Jun. K(閔俊)

    (hope u can <3 2pm 4 ever)


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