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PARTY HELP!!! Lake,Camping,SupriseParty,Boyfriend, Need Cool Advice, HELP!!!?

Okay so my boyfriends birthday is comming up in March and i wanted to throw him a suprise party at the lake by haveing a bon fire and such…but im stuck on a few things, there will more than likely be alcohal there in case that question were to pop up in your head as you are reading this……

What i need is to know what i should be cautious about wile haveing this bon fire because i have never been to a party at a lake so by throwing one is there some things i should worry about?

Another thing is what things would i need and should i get such as food wise and party stuff and any party games or activities to do

Ive started a checklist on of things i definitlyneed like gas money food and campgroumd money what would be other things i need ?

and im makeing sure not to get a campground near the lake because people do stupid things when drunk.…

anyways i can use some help on throwing this party i want it to be pretty dope(:

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    Interesting idea. Make sure that at least one person in the party knows about camping more than you do. Bring first aid kits. Bring cell phones and means of communication. Bring food that easy to prepare. Bring less booze than you think needed. Bring warm clothes and warmers more than you think you need. Don't forget warm sleeping bags, air mattresses and 3 season tents. Don't forget to bring propane stove (with propane) to cook the food and warm the water. Bring water more than you think you need. Don't forget at least one sharp knife and flashlights. Don't forget to bring matches, lighters and other things to make fire, as well as fire extinguishers. Make sure you have at least one person in the party who does not drink booze or at least does not drink a lot. Make sure someone knows how to do bandages, CPR and other first aid response,in case you need it. Bring single use dinnerware, some pans, fry pans and metal teapots. Don't forget toilet paper and sanitizers.

    Best way to prepare, get a list from some camping website, for example: and fill it up with check marks, once you put things in the car.

    Only go car camping. Don't try to do hike camping. It is smart to book a cabin if you can instead of tents, but you may burn it to the ground, so tents may be will work better.

    For games and entertainment part, you will probably will fix bruises, injuries and burns. May be will try warm up, nights will be VERY cold. You may want to bring binoculars, watch stars, dance around the fire and sing. Bring some board games, playing cards, balls (volleyball, beachball, basketball, football, etc.)

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    Information on your specific location would be helpful to anyone offering advice. Instead of a redneck bonfire party, you may want to consider glamping and a high-end dinner for your boyfriend and acquaintances. You can be glamping far from the water and still enjoy canoeing, kayaking, or swimming at a lake or stream during the daytime hours. More than half of all water recreation deaths are attributed to the presence of alcohol.

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    People will need something to sit on around the fire.

    You'll need a lot of wood (more than you imagine) and know how to start a fire.

    Trash bags.

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    As it is your boy friends' party it should be something special. For this you should take preparation well. This month is also my husbands birthday. I arrange some special foods that are my husbands favorite and also arrange some regular food. So that it seems a lot of items. I planed a funny game for all the guests and all of them are bound to participate. For the decoration hired a group whose name is birthday planet. They have a lot of ideas with photos and i booked one of them that is really gorgeous.

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    too cold in march this year. rent a cabin

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