How do you say these in Latin...?

For equilibrium, I will endure.

For stability, I will endure

For growth, I will endure

For truth, I will endure

For existence, I will endure

For strength, I will endure

For humanity, I will endure

For survival, I will endure.

For hope, I will endure.

Thank you!

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  • 7 years ago
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    What you want here, in the "For (the purpose/sake) of X" construction, is something called the "Ablative of Cause". Despite what you may think, you actually do not want to use a preposition here (or the Latin equivalent thereof). The "I will endure" part can be translated in all cases as simply "Sustinebo" ("I will endure/hold out") OR "sufferam" ("I will bear/endure", as in "Hoc onus suffere te adjuvabo, Frodo, quamdiu tibi suffere").

    Your sentences:

    Aequilibrio sustinebo.

    Stabilitate sustinebo.

    Profecto sustinebo. - "profecto" here actually means "progress", which I think is more the idea you want.

    Vero sustinebo.

    Vita sustinebo. - I'm using the word "life" here, which could be figuratively translated as "existence".

    Fortitudine sustinebo.

    Humanitate sustinebo.

    Salutate sustinebo. - Another inexact translation. Here I'm using "heath" or "safety".

    Spe sustinebo.

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