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Baby winter clothing plus baby wearing?

I'm having trouble finding winter wear for my 8 month old daughter, I wear her in a woven wrap (piece of woven material in place of a baby carrier for those who don't know) so these big bulky jackets and snowsuits won't work. Im looking for a serious company that specializes in baby winter clothing company like Canada goose or similar, nothing like baby gap or craters and ect…I'm looking for a good baby balaclava plus some kind of underwear for her like a thermal or bodysuit that whicks away moisture plus a good fleece jacket.


Okay apparently I didn't word my question right seeing as autumn took it way wrong (even though she's probably just a internet troll). For 1.) where I live there is still at least 2-3 months or winter/cold weather left, 2.) No I'm not just now buying her winter clothes in fact she has plenty of "normal" winter clothes but I'm looking for some specific things, 3.) If it was just as simple as buying her warm clothes don't you think I would have done that already but I choose to wear my daughter (which is not a crime) and in order to do that sometimes "normal" clothes don't work (say like "normal" pants would ride up on her exposing her little legs to the cold, is that what you would want? There for I need to make adjustments or buy special clothing), 4.) I'm not bashing Carter's, she has plenty of clothes from there I was just stating that I wasn't looking for baby winter wear like the kind you could buy at Carter's an

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    For cold out-of-my-coat wearing conditions I have fleece jumpsuits by the brand Hoppediz (German wrap and soft structured carrier brand) that work very well. They are made so you can fold the bottom of the trouser legs around the feet so they don't ride up.

    But honestly I have found the most practical solution is in-my-coat wearing. For front carrying I use either a double breasted winter coat (enough fabric to wrap around myself and my child) or a maternity coat (which I picked with future baby wearing in mind), and for back carrying there are actually special baby wearing coats available. For instance Mamalila is a good (definitely NOT cheap!) brand. I also know baby wearing mums who make their own baby wearing coats or jackets, so if you're handy with a sewing machine I'm sure you'd be able to find patterns online.

    Web shops that carry baby wearing stuff like baby wearing coats usually also have accessories, like scarfs designed to be shared by mother and baby and baby balaclavas.

  • KitKat
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    try local shops that sell baby clothes. it's a common age/size for retail stores. if you need specialty outerwear, look at REI.

  • Anonymous
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    Winter is nearly over and you're just now looking for winter clothes?

    Shes 8.months old. buy her something to keep her warmn simple .

    and don't bash carters they have excellent clothes.

  • Anna
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    7 years ago

    Look at EBAY REI LANDS END and or L L BEAN

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