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Stan asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 6 years ago

Clinton or Kerry who can do a better job?

John Kerry has been Secretary of State just over a year, and compared to Clinton's 4 years as Secretary of State. The comparision between the two is like night and day. John Kerry was able to broker a peaceful solution in Iran, he removed the chemical weapons from Syria and brought them to the peace table, and once again peace talks between Israel and Palistine have begun. Clinton has some credits, when she first took office she gave the Russians a "RESET BUTTON". How did that work out? She was force to leave her position as Scretary of State for her lack of leadership in Libya. Where 4 Americans were kill and a cover up followed. And of course her statement regarding those 4 dead Americans was, "What difference does it make". So who would do a better job as President?


To Dana, well just maybe Clinton will ask John Kerry to be the VP. Then when things get to much for her to handle she could leave her office, and John will be there again to clean up her mess. ty for the reply.

Update 2:

To Loreal, ty for a replay that covers so many valid points, it is "We the People...stay well.

Update 3:

To McWeasel ty for the reply, in your closing you forgot to include "What Difference Does It Make". Talking about a dead horse the President is beating up on Bush. The fact is Clinton was in charge and fail, that is why she had to resign. Always good to here from, stay well.

Update 4:

To Darrin ty for your reply this is true that both are extraordinary, but which one performed better as Secretary of State?

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  • Loreal
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    6 years ago
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    Kerry, but neither. Clinton has no experience to be president of anything. Just meeting with foreign leaders, but other nations like us less now for some reason. Oh, all the wars.

    Hillary Clinton is said by Washington Post and others to be a POOR MANAGER, and this was years before Benghazi. So they were right about her. She lies, lied in speeches after Benghazi blaming it on a video. Then in Congress said what does it matter if it was about a protest or people on a walk at night! Another lie, since it was about "neither". In June 2012 Al Qaeda blew hole in consulate wall, attempted to assasinate British head and said "America is next". Everone cleared out except for few Americans who asked for but got no security. Big cover-up!!

    Clinton is no more than a good speech giver as she said Obama was. SPREAD THE WORD ON CLINTON EVERYONE, WE MUST VOTE IN THIRD PARTY OF LIBERTARIAN LEANING CANDIDATE TO SAVE OUR NATION, IT IS BEING DESTROYED BY A MASSIVE WELFARE DEPENDENCY OF IMMIGRATION from foreign nations, WARS IN THE MID EAST, FAILED DRUG WAR W/ CARTELS CONTROLLING MEXICAN CITIES and they are in U.S. in every state now said Janet Napolitano without another word. Businesses have many thousands of regulations now and are leaving country or out of business. We are competing for jobs left with immigrants mostly for part time jobs, and then there is big failure of Obama Care. Spread the word to save our country! Down with both establishment parties owned by elite globalists!! Vote Rand Paul, Ted Cruz or Mike Lee, they are FOR the people!

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  • 6 years ago

    Anyone could do a better job than someone still peddling Benghazi drivel.

    God.......go kick the Birther dead horse one more time while you're at it , too.

    The embassy was attacked......people got killed. The end.

    Stop with all the Fox invented. -gate sh*t. Nobody plotted to kill the freaking guy.

    Sh*t happens.

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  • 6 years ago

    Mitt Romney

    Kerry is a joke

    Hillary is a drunken lush

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  • Dana
    Lv 6
    6 years ago

    I am voting for Clinton. We need to switch it up & she's the one who can do it. Go HILLARY! WOO HOO!

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  • 6 years ago

    Both are extraordinary.

    Enough said.

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