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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw Enforcement & Police · 6 years ago

what is the sentence for the following offenses?

Vehicular Manslaughter while intoxicated? How long would you be sentenced to prison? Would the sentence be enhanced or reduced if the person convicted was a minor. Roughly seventeen years old. In the United States and more specifically, New York.


No. It's info I am trying to figure out in a novel I am writing. One of the main character was convicted under this charge and was left back until his release which I planned to be a year after being arrested due to good behavior. However, I wanted accurate information so I could work out an actual and realistic sentence for the character and if it did not work out well, I'd find another felony or misdemeanor that would make sense in its place.

Update 2:

Oh. And that detail was meant for Katie.

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    If a person is a minor, the courts can try him as an adult. That is a judge decision.

    Usually a minor will be sentence to JCYC ,Jefferson county youth center until age 18 , then to finishes out the sentence in an adult jail or prison.

    This is because inmates under the age of 18 are not legally allowed in adult jails or prisons.

    .KRS 507.050 reckless homicide is the closes thing I could find for vehicular manslaughter.

    KRS 507.040 second degree manslaughter.

    COAT the DA in other states would go for Second degree manslaughter but in most cases would settle for Reckless Homicide for a plea . The defendant could get any thing from 1-20 years in the pen , KSR, Kentucky State reformatory.

    It depends on how good the defendant lawyer is and if the COAT wants to plea deal.

    The court has to sign off on any plea deal.

    COAT is the commonwealth attorney office.

    Sorry, I do not know NY state statutory law.

    You can use what I wrote as a guideline and general information about minors and the law.

    Source(s): Kentucky Criminal manual.
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