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80s lifestyle aids was etc just in general was the 1980s a bad era?

was just watching a documentary on tim Richmond. and I was just wonder was 80s lifestyle aids was etc just in general was the 1980s a bad era? I know uk magic Johnson and the white olympic gu.y but just can someone be more in depth on some this. and not just aids drugs and all the movies like animal house and miami vice? any answers ( as long as they are not smartass will be great ) I was born in 90s so idk lol

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    Not bad, just different. Things seem to go in cycles. The 1920s were known for its "loose morals", Prohibition inspired crime, and extravagant lifestylers. The 1930s were the Depression era, with unemployment, the Dust bowl, and the rise of fascism. The 1940s were the war years, with rationing, fighting, and ultimately victory. The 1950s were the "golden years", with the rise of television even as suburbia developed. While the ideal was the dad working, mom raising the kids at home, underlying this idyllic picture was the simmering civil rights movement, as those who had fought and suffered during the war years refused to "keep their place". The 1960s were the age of rebellion, with massive distrust of "the establishment", the anti war movement, and the assassination of several major public figures. The 1970s were the years of malaise. The loss of the Viet Nam war, Nixon's resignation under investigation, then the economic downturn in the Carter era left Americans at a new low.

    The 1980s were actually an era for the rise of optimism. Reagan inspired Americans to be proud of their nation once more. At the same time, the rise of drug use was causing problems in places like Miami and the southwest, problems that exist to some degree to today. And of course AIDS first broke out during this era. It's hard to express the fear that the disease generated. While some people brayed about it being a "homosexual disease", AIDS quietly spread through a wider population. Hemophiliacs in France were devastated when the French failed to properly monitor and test for the virus. Like any new, unknown, and apparently highly lethal disease, AIDS triggered off panics in various groups. But for all of the thousands who contracted the disease and died, it should be remembered that this was a very tiny percentage of the overall population. And as it became apparent that the disease was not in fact easy to transmit, calm slowly returned.

    I lived through the 1960s as a child, the 1970s as a teen, and the 1980s as a young adult. Each decade had its good and bad points. But if you look carefully enough, there is nothing about the 1980s that is any worse than other times in history. It had its scary times, its tragic moments, just like all the others.

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    No, actually the 80's is one of the most influential decades ever. It was a decade full of new ideas. The 80's originated new styles and music that are seen coming back today. So no, the 80's was actually a very good, successful era!

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    The late 70s and early to mid 80s was a magical time.

    The sex, the drugs, the rock-n-roll (well, in my case disco).

    Society had never been free-er. Up until AIDS, the worst sexually transmitted disease you could get could easily be cured by penecillin.

    The sexual liberation of the time wasn't the cause of AIDS, but it certainly helped spread it.

    I'm amazed that I never came down with it. I can't tell you how many friends I lost. There was a time it seemed I was going to almost one funeral a week. It was heat-breaking.

    Then came the "drug cocktail" which gave PWAs a longer life-expectancy. Now, having HIV/AIDS is almost a chronically managable disease.

    And since it impacted the gay community first, and the hardest, one can only imagine the writers, artists, fashion designers, sty'e-makers that were lost, and all the ideas and ideals that died with them.

    Society lost some of its brightest and immaginative minds.


    Lilly, thanks for sharing. What a flashback. Another great disco song from 1978 was Sylvester's "Dance (Disco Heat)". How did I ever have the energy to dance for hours to that 4/4 time? Granted I was much younger, and certain "party favours" were used to enhance the party. Once again, I'm surprised I lived through those years. :o)


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    life was very disco and fun at the end of the 70s then the party ended in 81 when AIDS happened - it seemed to have emerged from the gay scene in San Francisco and NY

    - gay guys are pretty uninhibited (probably due to no restraints from females as in hetro unions) so it spread quickly and was very scary

    here's an awesome disco hit of late 70s


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