My step son birthday?

It was my step son birthday.... 6 years old. Since I had problem with his mom before about my husband father of her child , she invited me throu my husband but I didn't want to go because all her family hates me and am sure her I told my husband to go without me. But I told him not to take any pic with her because I know how fresh she is ( even though she has a baby by another man after my husbands and she also has anew boyfriend)well he just told me while we were talking that he took pics with her and their child together.. Because she asked him in front of every body n he couldn't say no ... That makes me so upset because I didn't want him to take picture with her like a family portrait ... It was okay to take pic with other people and her in it, or him with his kid but not her my husband and their kid.. Am I wrong? He said am overreacting and that that woman don't mean nothin to him so why I worry so much...

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    6 years ago
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    I get where ur coming from but it is also just a picture What's the worst that's gonna happen. She sounds like a ***** but u just got to ignore her. Your husband is with you for a reason his not gonna leave

    Maybe she just wanted one pic with the son and his two parents together. Not much to ask for

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    While I can understand how you might feel uncomfortable, I absolutely think it is normal and heathy for two parents in a picture with their child. You see it at weddings all the time, where the bride or grooms parents are divorced but have a picture with the BIRTH PARENTS. This little boy needs to grow up knowing his parents did everything to get along and if that means posing in a family photo on a special day., good for your husband.

    You really need to let go of your insecurities because your boyfriend and the mother of his child are going to be involved in each others lives for many, many years to come.

  • Bobbin
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    6 years ago

    Life is short. Let it go. Not of it involves you.

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