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Age of Empires III setup.exe "1628: Failed to complete installation." Why?

Age of Empires III (Game)


* Installation failed link (Image)

- Link

(1628: Failed to complete installation.)


Problem after running "setup.exe" with/without compatibility mode and/or administrator privileges.

Yes, I tried normally with "Administrator Privileges," or in "Compatibility mode" but, I still get the ERROR above. Any ideas, suggestions or help welcome! :)

Also, I tried downloading the Age of Empires III "setup.exe" file from Torrents sites and it worked but before trying to install it I uploaded the file to ""="VirusTotal" and reported back with a "virus/trojan detectetcted" results. Finally, yes it worked but I didn't fully installed the game because of this "VirusTotal" report that I don't want to risk nevertheless.

As far as I know... that's all I've tried and done.

[NOTE:] I'm still looking for a good "setup.exe" file to install "Age of Empires III."


* Computer (System) Summery

- Memory: 3GB (DDR SDRAM)

- Video Card: PNY Verto GeForce 8400 GS (256MB DDR2 SDRAM)

- Hard Drive: free space 12/80GB

- CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (2200.0 MHz)

- Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 (32-bit)

* Other (Additional)

- All hardware up to date. CHECKED!

- All GOOD! :) ... but "Age of Empires III." :(


[NOTE:] I hope, I've provided everything or the right information to get true and good help.) :)

[NOTE:] I'm still looking for a good "setup.exe" file to install "Age of

Empires III."

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    I have tried to get AoE3 working in wine before and this was one of the errors I encountered.

    Read my in

    Others that may be of interest:

    Between those you should find answers.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago


    You can get Age of Empires III for free from this link:

    Age of The Empire 3 is a game I grew up with. I had loads of fun playing this for very very long hours. In my opinion, this game is amazing. It has fantastic graphics and lot of new and cool features and upgrades which added more excitement and entertainment in the game.

    It's surely the leader game of its type.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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