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how does resistance help us preserve energy in electric cars?

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    Energy use in a Vehicle can be expressed as an equation. The energy applied will equal the useful work done plus the energy required to overcome various resistances. These would include internal resistance, rolling resistance, wind resistance and inertia.

    It is minimizing the effect of the resistance that allows our vehicle to become more efficient. More of the energy will then be "preserved" so that it can be applied to the useful work of moving the vehicle.

    Some of the energy expended in overcoming inertia is "stored" in the moving vehicle. This energy can be partially "recovered" by applying the "resistance" of regenerative braking. The traction motor is electroncally turned into a generator. The turning wheels then turn the generator while the "generator" applies electronic resistance turning the mechanical motion into electricity. The electricity is then restored or "preserved" in the battery.

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    It doesn't. Resistance leads to waste heat production.

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