Native Americans or New agers?

How would you classify these tribes?

#1 Jatibonicu taino Tribal band of southern New Jersey

#2 Western Kentucky band of Creek Indians

#3 West Philadelphia band of Lenape Indians

#4 tequsta tribe of southern Florida

#5 Ramapough Mountain Indians of New Jersey

#6 white Mountain apaches

#7 Boriqua Taino tribe of North Philadelphia- Parrot clan

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  • 6 years ago
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    1. A fake money-making for-profit scheme. A "pay-to-join" tribe that requires no proof of any native ancestry.

    2. fakes. There are two legit creek tribes, one in Oklahoma, one in Alabama.

    3. A fake club, made by people who couldn't prove their ancestry claims to join the Eastern Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania. The Eastern Lenape of PA is not a federally recognized tribe, technically, but they are descended from actual Lenape people.

    4. There haven't been any Tequesta in florida for over 250 years. They left in the 1760's and assimilated with other tribes in cuba.

    5. Not native American. A cultural group descended mostly from European and African/American ancestry, with possibly a little native here and there. But not a tribe, and not descended from any native tribe.

    6. Native American- a legit tribal government and nation

    7. The taino tribe hasn't existed in 400 years. And they are from Puerto Rico. What are these guys, another bunch of pretendians in Philadelphia?

    The other groups (except for #6) aren't native americans either. "native American" refers only to U.S. recognized tribes. They aren't necessarily new agers, mostly just wanna-be Indians, who like to play dress-up on the weekends, and are willing to pay money to a fake tribe.

    Please watch this- to see what fake tribes look and act like:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Source(s): Navajo- didn't have to pay to join my tribe, and don't pay dues. I was BORN a citizen, (not a "member")
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