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Muhammad ali vs Mike tyson?

Muhammad ali (age 20) vs Mike tyson (age 20) who wins?

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  • teodor
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    7 years ago
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    Ali beats his first named foe in the person of the old Archie Moore at age 20 in 1962 while Tyson beats Trevor Berbick at the same age.in 1986 for the WBC heavyweight championship Ali was still two years away from winning the heavyweight title from Sonny Liston while Tyson was already on the initial stage of his prime peak and was set to establish his iron grip on the division that will last for the next four years (1986-1990 )

    I think Tyson holds the advantage at this stage of their respective career having already logged 28 fights under his belt by the time of his TKO of Berbick while Ali was only on his 16th pro outing versus Moore..

    But with Ali or Cassius Clay as he was still known at that time, style makes the fight even at that early stage of his career.

    Ali have yet to meet his stern test versus Doug Jones and Henry Cooper which came in 1963 so we can assume that he will be a little immature, somehwat recklessly confident and a tad careless at that point. That is something a better experienced fighter like Tyson could exploit. I don't see Tyson stopping or kayoing Ali with Ali's disciplined conditioning and excellent corner but he mostly could score a knockdown that could provide the difference in a closely fought hard fight.

  • Pancho
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    7 years ago

    Ali by a UD. Tyson would have his moments, but Ali was just too fast, smart, and skillful, and he had a great chin. Even if Tyson knocks him down, he'll get back up and win the fight going away.

  • ?
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    Prime vs Prime. Ali

    20 Yrs Old- Tyson

  • 7 years ago

    Ali wins by UD or TKO

    Ali would be constantly scoring and would come out unscathed in their crosses with Tyson, Ali in the last round could put Tyson KO

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  • 7 years ago

    Tyson could beat him but I think Ali would get him in a rematch just like he did with Frazier

  • 7 years ago

    Overall, Ali beats Tyson.

    But both 20, I'd say Tyson wins.

    Tyson was a monster in his early days.

    He was hungry and fast and powerful.

    Butt he peaked really early.

    Ali (Clay at 20) was fast as heavyweights come.

    But he showed signs of weakness.

    Cooper (cut gloves) almost had young Clay.

    Ali peaked later and had longevity.

    I'd say Ali peaked just as he got stripped of his title.

    We missed peak Ali really. Can't say 90s Tyson would live with 70s Ali, but 80s Tyson could give 60's Ali a test given his KO power and that he used comcombinations

  • 7 years ago

    Tyson via KO

  • 7 years ago

    Mike tyson!!!one shot could stunn ali and soak all ali's will power to fight...

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