Has she had an emotional sway for me? (10pts for first detailed answer?

So about 2 weeks ago I told this girl I liked that I liked her, she told me she wasn't interested this Saturday she asked me to hangout with her and I was with a friend of mine they came over to my house and we played truth or dare, her friend dared me to make out with her, I saw this as an opportunity to give her the most passionate kiss so could so I did and she kissed me as well as I kissed her. we went outside and we talked and connected quite a bit and we went in the other room and she sat on top of me and we kissed and talked some more I noticed she was biting her lip a lot and playing with her hair, we went back into the room and her friend and my friend dared me to eat her out, I did and it looked like she enjoyed it, we went to mcdonalds after she was holding my hand on the car ride there and leaning on me kissing my arms and same thing when we were coming back she gave me one last kiss and blew me a kiss and left and said come over tmrw and we will cuddle and watch a movie

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  • Dana
    Lv 6
    6 years ago
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    i'm not really familiar with the terminology 'emotional sway' but i can say for certain she definitely liked your performance & wants to see you again. so good job son.

  • 6 years ago

    Wow, that's a serious game of truth or dare.

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