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Considered as a good AK-47 ?

I've recently acquired a somewhat used fully automatic Russian ak (izhamash) it has a milled receiver and a red wood set for a reasonable price although it has only a serial number with no date. One of my friends said it was a decent gun. What do you think?

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    Those are russsian made AK-47's (versus czech or chinese for example)...if it has a milled receiver it is of course better than the stamped ones...beware that there are many floating around that came to america partially finished and were finished know what you've got you'll need to track down the serial numbers or stampings....regardless assuming it was properly finished it is a fine weapon, if it was improperly finished it could have yours chambered for the old 7.62 x 39mm round? If so it's still an okay but obsolete round and that cartridge isn't easy to's not the same as the nato 7.62 round/Winchester .308 round.

    FYI if it is full auto and you are not a class III dealer you will go to jail if the ATF catches you with it.

    Source(s): a U.S. Marine vet who has fired a lot of AK's...both 47's and 74's.
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  • 7 years ago

    Milled receivers are always preferred. Now go file the needed forms with ATF and pay the tax. And you should have done this BEFORE buying it.

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  • Lizzy
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    A disaster waiting to happen.Not only is it illegal a butchered mill job if not done right will kill you or someone else.

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  • 7 years ago

    A fully automatic gun is illegal in most countries.

    If the gun is in decent shape it is okay.

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