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dropping out of cosmetology?

So i'm currently attending paul mitchell, and i don't hate it, but i'm slowly starting to get bored with doing hair. I don't want to pay 16000 (out of pocket) if I'm not gonna love what i'm doing. so if i drop out is there any fees i have to pay since i'm not getting financial aid? please help i'm having panic attacks.

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    Only the school will be able to tell you if you have money you owe them.

    Attend community college instead. Cost is about $$2,000 a year

    Take something of value like accounting.

    Stay away from graphic art.

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    You need to talk to the school. It's possible that yes, even if you leave, you will still owe the monies to Paul Mitchell. That's how a lot of these programs work. Thing is, they've set a "seat" aside for you in their program, and at this point in the term, they can't give it to anyone else. So you will likely still owe them money - maybe even the full 16k. Talk to the school.

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