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How difficult is it to play for West Point's girls basketball team?

I'm a girl and a junior in high school. I play basketball for my school, but I'm not all that great. I was thinking about going to west point and was told I could easily get it with my grades and extracurricular activities. I know you have to play a sport and I was wondering how easy it is to play for their basketball team. I was wondering if it's easier to get on the team because it's in the patriot league or because it's a military school. How difficult is it to make the team? Thanks!

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    It is much harder to get in the Academy than it would to be on the West Point ladies basketball team

    If you want in to the Academy start talking to your guidance counselor ASAP

    Yes you have to play sports at least on the intramural level in which your dorm mates would play another dorm

    Best of luck to get in any of the service Academy's only about 1000 is accepted at each of them

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