Internet Business Ideas that would work for me?? Please help me!!?

I been thinking about starting a internet business but I don't know exactly what is it that I want to do. I thought about using my savings to start a online lingerie business but i'm not 100% sold onto the idea. So recently I been asking myself what is it that I truly want to do? And I thought about starting a business that geared towards the fashion an beauty industry. I love the idea of starting a site were women in the fashion an beauty can join a site were they can create profiles an showcase whatever talent they may have from hairstyling, makeup, modeling an etc. I want something to be completed geared towards women to help inspire an motivate us all.

I just don't know if this is a good idea or if I should try something else. I know that I want to start a internet business site or service for women but I just dont know what exactly to start.

I heard about internet marketing or advertising but I dont know much about this area except for what I have googled.... so if any of you have any advice or tips for me please rely them upon me.

Thank you so much!

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    The great majority of people who attempt to do business on the internet fail, having not specific plan is probably not a good start. You can get your feet wet without risking much by creating a fashion and beauty oriented blog sites where you review fashion, if you treated it as a publishing business with several posts a week it could eventually develop into a valuable asset, getting a foothold on the internet might help you grow into those other ideas, as well as earning some ad revenue. You could use a totally free host like Google's or, investing a big $12/yr in a custom domain name would make you look more pro and provide more control of the site's future.

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    eBay Trading Assistant

    eBay Trading Assistants help people sell their items on eBay. eBay Trading Assistants who operate a home business typically go out to client's homes or businesses to photograph and pick up items and then sell them on eBay on consignment. However, this is a business that can also be run through the Internet.

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    Here are a collection of 8 Internet business ideas to get you thinking on how you might make money at home with an Internet business.

    1. Web Design Internet Business

    Building websites is an exploding industry with abundant opportunities for the technically driven and curious. And, you can market and handle all of your projects through the Internet. Just remember that the competition is very strong.

    2. Work at Home Business - Resume Writing Service

    A resume writing service can make a great Internet home business, especially when many people are looking for work during economic hard times, but also in the good times when those already employed are looking for advancement.

    3. Internet Business Idea: Desktop Publishing Services

    Mastering software, meeting deadlines, and making yourself known are the keys to launching a desktop publishing home business. While some desktop publishers like to meet clients in person and serve their local neighborhood market, a desktop publisher who provides services through the Internet has a much broader market to work with.

    4. eBay Trading Assistant

    eBay Trading Assistants help people sell their items on eBay. eBay Trading Assistants who operate a home business typically go out to client's homes or businesses to photograph and pick up items and then sell them on eBay on consignment. However, this is a business that can also be run through the Internet.

    5. Affiliate Marketing Internet Business

    An Internet affiliate program and affiliate marketing networks can be used to market goods and services online. Some Internet affiliate programs offer two ways to make money online - by selling products or services as an Internet affiliate and by signing up other people to join the same Internet affiliate program.

    6. eBooks Marketing Internet Business

    6.EBooks have become a very common commodity on the Internet. You can download ebooks from many different websites and you can even visit an eBookstore to find a variety of eBook publishing gems for sale.

    7. Internet Marketing Services

    Helping people drive traffic to their website can provide you with an excellent Internet business. The methods, and thus the services you might offer as part of your business, vary widely and include: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising services, blog marketing services, article marketing services, and many others.

    8. Virtual Assistant Internet Business Idea

    The Virtual Assistant (VA) industry is growing fast and becoming a popular for those who want to run their own home business to get started - usually by doing the things they have done well in the past for prior employers.

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    It is true many internet businesses fail sooner or later, the main reason being no traffic to the business. If anyone has a clear plan to drive free or cost effective traffic to any website or offer, then the rest is easier to achieve. Keep the dream up and start somewhere than procrastinate...


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  • That is a descent idea however not to burst your bubble you better know how running a buisness on "ecommerce l" works and hope down from your high horse and realize if his is truly worth it and will it benifit and I urge you to honk about this.I will not tell you about my fantasy that I tryed to start but after 2 years of trying to make a ecommerce buisness work it didn't happen and only stressed me out and left me with NOTHING.You have to think about website costs how your website is going to be SERVER COSTS,employs,content valuation.Advertising,markets of interest age LOGISITICS.Areas of execution.Capability in the whole spectrum of this buisness and the points it has to reach to survive in a incredible competitive market and capital financing it will take!Employs you need coders you need to hire administrators for website,security,marketing company's to be on your team OPTOMIZATION which can cost tens of thousands and make or break a national buisness.You can't just launch a damn Internet buisness if you want to play with the high rollers and not some crappy everyday waste my time website you need MONEY a hell of a team and a whole lot of know how on marketing and running a buisness or your wasting time and living in a fantasy.Inwould give you a month before you shy it all down.You don't have a clue and not on he level of already competing brands for inch a are in over your head .Open a boutique instead.

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