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Do you agree with J K Rowling that it should have been Harry/Hermione in love?

Emma Watson says that Rowling told her that she regrets pairing Ron & Hermione together and that it should have been Harry & Hermione. Rowling says that pairing Ron and Hermione was a wish fulfillment [and ppl accused Stephenie Meyers of this, AHAHAHA] and that she shouldn't have done it.

What do you think? I always thought it should have been Harry and Hermione, 'cause Ron and Hermione just didn't seem right to me. Even in the last movie, I kept thinking that they were an odd pairing. I haven't read the last book, but I've read all the other books and have seen all the movies and have a good sense of who the characters are and Ron and Hermione don't belong together. TBH, I don't really care, but I wnat to know if others feel the same. So, what do you think?

The article:


Harry & Ginny. Gawd I hated that relationship, haha. I never understood why the two were together.

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    Personally as a child I wanted Harry and Hermione to end up together, but I think it was before I'd really read the books, the movies where more favoured to Harry and Hermione in the beginning, or more that it seemed like Daniel and Emma got one well more than she did with Rupert. But after reading the books I fell in love with the idea of Ron and Hermione , they were realistic, lively and funny. I think what I liked about their relationship is that they did fight, they did love, they did annoy each other, they did a lot of the things a real life couple would do , they were relatable.

    If Harry had ended up with Hermione, it would have still been fine, but there would be very little fire , it would have been almost perfect, and while it is a fiction, I don't think I would have been able to see all the forms of love J. K wanted to portray.

    Besides, what's done is done. So Haha.

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    The movies play up the Harry and Hermione romance more than the books do. I always thought Harry and Hermione had a sibling relationship, and I would've been weirded out if they ended up together. Although, I do think a Hermione had a crush on Harry for a little while in third year or so. But then she got over it. :D

    Rowling also said if she could redo it she would have had Lily marry Snape. I'm sorry, but ew. I know a lot of people like Snape, but he was creepy, controlling, and obsessive. Once James deflated his head a bit, he was a great guy.

    What I'm trying to say is that Rowling's first instincts were right, and for that reason, I'm glad she won't be rewriting the series.

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    I never viewed Harry and Hermione having a romantic relationship with each other. To me they were just friends. Now Ron and Hermione I knew since the third book they'd end up together. They always fought and there was a chemistry between the two. I actually like them together. I thought they made a cute couple. Though I do think if Harry had ended up with Hermione, it would have been better than him with Ginny.

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    From when I read the books. I always thought that Ginny was nothing but a fame-digger and Harry would have been happier with Hermione as his wife, so I ignore stories and sites that maintain the 'canonical' pairing (like Sink Into Your Eyes) and seek comfort in some good Snarry instead.

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    Honestly I felt that Bill/Fleur and Tonks/Remus were wish fulfillment. I saw little in the ways of Tonks/Remus and suddenly she threw it in the sixth book. Fleur had a thing for Bill but I never expected it to go anywhere. And yet fans wrote hundreds upon hundreds fics featuring both pairings and then they become canon.

    As for Harry/Hermione, I always wanted that. Smart girl and the not so smart guy is not usually a pairing I go for. She's going to be frustrated with him all the time and we all know Ron often feels inferior.

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    Rowling did NOT say that it should have been harry and hermione, she said she regretted putting ron and hermione together but she didnt provide an alternative. The papers just made that connection - not her words if you read the REAL interview - the papers made that connection up LOL x

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    The hero always gets the girl. Even if she regrets it, I think Rowling did a great job with Ron and Hermione's relationship. It's not the obvious pairing and I think that's why people like it, instead of the hero getting the girl, it's his goofy friend/sidekick. I don't think that happens often in the real world so it sort of adds hope for those readers who feel that they are the goofy friend/sidekick.

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    Agreed that ron and heromine didnt seem right for each other but ethier would harry and heromine. I liked that it wasnt the predictable main character romance. Also harry had to much going on and i think she would have held him back and the plot might have been different

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    I don't think either Ron or Harry are good enough for Hermione.

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    I really don't get JK Rowling about this subject.

    I think Ron&Hermione are just perfect.

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