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what can i do to quiet my mind and sleep?

im stuck in bed with a nasty cold. i just watched the god father 4 hours ago and when i try to sleep it keeps replaying scenes in fast forward in my head. i suspect its from the cold medicine but im very restless and cant stay in one position for more than 5 seconds. anything i can do about it?

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    no fun sleeping pills on hand? Darn. Ok, try going to YouTube and put in "Delta Brain Wave Music" or "Binaural Beats".

    So basically when you are asleep your brain is on different wave patterns. Your deepest stage of sleep, REM sleep (where most dreaming and whatnot goes one), your brain is vibing on delta waves. I actually only stumbled upon this about a week ago, I've been having trouble sleeping too and I've been dreaming more since listening to these.

    Just make sure you play a long one, at least one that's an hour long. Avoid the white noise ones, those I find annoying but that's just me.

    Good luck honey!

  • 7 years ago

    I want you to sit up on the side of your bed and for the next five minutes imagine the most peaceful flower filled field in the world. There are some birds chirping and a sleight breeze that is keeping you just the right temperature. The sun is out and occasionally a small happy cloud passes overhead. And it is just so easy to lay down in that field and watch that cloud and other small clouds that waft by morph into the shapes of different animals you might see at the zoo.

    After you have imagined that for five minutes, try to go back to sleep while starting that visualization up again. Sweet dreams.

  • 7 years ago

    Drink lots of water to flush the meds out of your system. Like the other person suggested youtube has some awesome relaxation tracks.

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