What is cool for 14 year old guy (Jeans)?

Ok so I am a 14 year old and I wear a lot of jeans that u buy at buckle (BKE, big star etc) but those r pretty expensive so I'm looking for something cool and cheaper. Also they need to look good with the lace up vans because I wear them a lot. Also do girls like vans? And what types of shirts and jackets do girls like best? Anyways any suggestions are appreciated!!! Thanks!

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  • Essie
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    7 years ago
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    You could try the men's section in forever 21. This is what I like (as a 17 year old girl) I like guys in hoodies, not really skinny jeans but slimmer jeans. I like vans, I like pretty much anything and I don't know if I speak for alot of girls when I say this but the only thing that really turns me off are guys in hollister and abercrombie. I find most guys to wear those brands to be a bit douchey, which is why I usually stay away from guys with that little bird logo.

  • 7 years ago

    I think vans are cool and just wear a normal shirt buy something that doesnt look too expensive but something that brings out your eyes. Believe me girls love shirts that bring out a guys eyes and hair.If you got brown eyes wear a black or white shirt if you got blue eyes wear the same shade of blue you have green eyes same thing.

  • Ash
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    7 years ago

    Girls like it when you be yourself and not a clone of everyone else :)

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