can I buy an electric vehicle?

I live in an apartment complex, so I cannot charge a car like one would with a cellphone, but I need a great gas efficient car. Could get an electric vehicle or hybrid without being able to plug it in?

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  • 7 years ago
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    There are several categories of (alternative) fuel efficient vehicles. Some of them require you to plug them, for some it is an option and some fuel efficient vehicles don't have or require that option.

    Full battery electric vehicles store all their energy to power the vehicle in batteries that must be recharged by plugging in the vehicle. All of the most fuel efficient vehicles are battery electric vehicles. If the range of a full electric car matches your needs, It might be possible to lease or purchase one and charge it elsewhere. A rented garage, at work, public charging stations or by special arrangement with your apartment complex are all options.

    Hybrid vehicles come in several flavors. There are parallel hybrids and series hybrids. There are plug in hybrids and non-plug in hybrids. There are full hybrids and mild hybrids.

    The essential distinction between parallel and series hybrids is the way that the engine is connected with the electric drive. What is more important to your question is if the vehicle can be plugged in or not. A parallel hybrid like the Prius is designed not to be plugged in and may gain slightly from extra electricity, but the battery is very small and the option may not be worth the expense.

    The higher fuel economy of a series hybrid similar to the Volt is dependent upon being able to plug in the vehicle. In this case it is the petrol engine that is the added feature. If you don't use it and always plug in the vehicle you may have been better off with a full electric car to avoid the higher initial expense.

    As much as I like electric cars some hybrids are being made with an electric drive almost as a showpiece. These are "mild-hybrids" that may get a few miles more per gallon than the equivalent petrol model. Such inferior copy cats can be expected where a product becomes sought after almost as a fad.

    And so if you are only looking at the fuel efficiency of a vehicle there is no escape from looking at the EPA statistics. Here is a searchable table of over 1000 cars for 2014: But you also have to carefully consider your driving habits and resources available in your area.

  • chorle
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    7 years ago

    hybrid do not need to be plugged in but some can be plugged in.

    I think hybrid better than pure electric because no Range Fear and might be better for the environment. So far my wife has been happy with her Prius no major problems and has gone little over 100k miles.

    I live in California with teared electric rates that can be as high as 35 cents a kilowatt hour so hybrid better choice for me.

    The draw backs of hybrids are less mechanics work on the hybrid parts of them and the additional cost of the car gives the gas savings a payback time over a similar gasoline only car.

  • Eric P
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    7 years ago

    A hybrid-electric vehicle would probably be your best bet. They never need to be plugged in.

    You may also be able to drive an electric vehicle, depending on the charging infrastructure where you live and work/go to school. Some workplaces and urban areas are installing/have installed charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

  • 7 years ago

    Yes.. Of Coarse you can buy electric vehicle..Today, Many of people are using electric vehicle so don't afraid of it.. collect all information which you want to buy than go for it....

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