volvo v70 crank seal leak, cheap fix or expensive?

Does any one know how hard it is to replace a crank shaft seal on a Volvo v 70


does the timing belt have to come off?

Update 2:

Robert, Why the capitals? Anyway, No need for the big lecture as this isn't my vehicle, I just wanted to know is it a hard job to replace and is it expensive and also does the timing belt have to be removed to gain access to the seal

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Update 4:

and it's a 2.0t auto

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  • 7 years ago
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    Which one, front or rear?

    Both are expensive.

    Don't pay no mind to Robert. I think he responds to questions on his iphone, some words are all capitalized while other words that are supposed to be capitalized are not. He usually gets on his soap box about Mobile One oil or GM Dextron fluid.

    Yes both replacements are labor intensive.

    The front main seal, you have to remove the timing belt and crankshaft gear to get to it. Might as well replace the timing belt.

    The rear main seal, you have to remove the transmission to get to it and the flywheel. Any time you replace a dynamic seal like one of these you should always replace them. The reason I mention this, the transmission also has input and output seals, that should be replace if the transmission is removed.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Fiver for the part, £500 for labour, big job. You absolutely sure it's the crank seal?

    Ignore Robert, he's a Yank and their mastery of the English language is minimal sometimes....

  • 7 years ago

    USUALy teh FACTYROY selas will last the LIFETIME of the VOLVO ENGIEN! Perhpas you are using the WRONG OIL at oil change time! ONLY FULLY SYNTHETIC OIL should be used NO VALVOLINE or other cheaply made WAX oil can be used in ANY euro car! MOBIL ONE 0W-40 si the RIGHT oil for your engien! GET A FULL MOTOR% FLUSH done FIRST! if there is COKE BAKING INTO YOUR OIL SEAL LIPS< a FLUSH can remove it and restore a perfect OIL SEAL to your engine! ON VOLVO engines you must replace the FLAME TRAP at 100k mile intervals! this is a MORE REFINED type of PCV valve that separates the OIl from the OIL VAPORS! BAD OIL will make SLUDGE and GRUNGE that collects inside this TRAP and affect POWER, fuel mileage and even engine cleanliness internally! IF YOUR FLAME TRAP is clogged up OIL PRESSURE can increase and get FORCED out of your ENGIEN SEALS! do NOT assume that you need NEW SEALS til you do a proepr engien CLEANING and MAINTENANCE! Euro engiens have OIL SPRAY JETS in them and BAD OIL wil clog them up and make SLDUGE that the engien tries to eliminate as you drive! the FLAME TRAP is under the INTAKE MANFIIODL and very simple to replace! Kepp your IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE and THROTTLE SHOWROOM NEW as well! I LOVE the VOLVO ENGINES (except for the PVR engine in the older 760 cars, USELESS JUNK really) and know them VERY VERY WELL! <<WORST CASE SCENARIO Is a TWO HOUR procedure at the VOLVO DEALERSHIP ONLY! Teh PART is less than $20! Get a FULL MOTOR FLUSHING DONE FIRST! i It is a RARITY that a VOLVOL wil leak at oi lseals unless SOMETHING is CAUSING THIS PROBLEM! GOOD LUCK!!

  • 7 years ago

    EVPENSIVE. The oil pan and rear main bearing has to be removed.

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