How are two rays congruent?

Hi guys!

Well i need to show or tell that any two rays can be congruent if ___

Anyways. Here are some ways that i thought they can be congruent:

Since a ray looks like this

.------> ray 1

.------> ray 2

Lets say the point on ray 1 is a and the point on ray 2 is b

So for a ray to be congruent their starting point must start in the same place since the other half which is a line runs infinitely so a and b must have the same distance. Is there another way, for some reason i'm just not seeing it.

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  • 6 years ago
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    you are correct. their starting point must be the same for you to tell that they are congruent however in cases when the starting points are not the same then rays cannot be congruent.

    check this link:

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    All rays are congruent, regardless of their end point.

    The formal definition of congruence is that two objects are congruent if one can be isometrically transformed into the other. That's a fancy way of saying that one can be moved around until it completely covers the other one, without having to stretch it out. Since that's true of all rays, all rays are congruent to each other.

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