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When will the irs accept my return?

I filed my taxes Monday 1/27/2014 through I check my efile status today which is 2/1/2014 and the status gives me "in processing". So I log into the hrblock website and it has the status as pending. Also, on the efile status it says the date as 1/29/2014. Is this something I should worry about or is my return gonna get denied? Im asking this because I hear that turbotax got peoples returns accepted already. Thanks

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    I have decided this tax year to answer all Yahoo Answers questions regarding status of tax returns and refunds with the aid of my Magic 8-Ball, that I bought at Spencer Gifts in the East Towne Mall in January, 1987. It still works great though so here we go...

    "Magic 8-Ball, when will the IRS accept Brian's return?"

    Shaking, shaking, okay let's see what it says...

    "Ask again later."

    Sorry man, I tried.

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    I filed mine on 1/26 and nothing yet. On the Where's My Refund tool, it only has the first bar filled. Not the 'Approved' button, which is the second bar. Does yours say accepted? I don't remember a 'processing' one. I know on the bottom it says it is in the middle of processing, but that means your just waiting on the actual approval. Im not sure how long it's going to take but Im assuming this coming Monday, 2/3/2014, we will start hearing about deposits being made. Last year I believe I waited 5 weeks for my refund. So I would just give up on it now and wait it out. If it comes earlier then that's great. But believe me, you gotta get out of the checking every hour phase because it just makes you more stressed out. I had to force myself to walk away from the computer because I was googling all sorts of answers just to be pissed off again. So yeah,. my advice, wait a few weeks.

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    The IRS did not start accepting efiled returns until yesterday, 1/31/14. Any return submitted before then was not processed with the IRS which is why your status was showing as pending and may continue to show that until 7-10 days after 1/31. Its best to go to the Where's My Refund section of the IRS website to check your status (link below).

    Being accepted only means that all the information provided on the return through the tax software used by yourself or your preparer has been electronically checked and after all the info checks out to match what's in the IRS ans SSA databases it is then accepted and ready to be processed by the IRS automated system.

    You should not worry until after you have check your refund with the IRS website and your pending or processing status has changed to a code and a phone number to call. Until that happens you are still clear to receive your refund.

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    If your return is processing it has already been accepted by the IRS. Now, you only have to wait to receive your refund date. The where's my refund site usually updates overnight. Continue to check once a day and you will soon receive your date.

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  • I wouldn't worry yet. Mine was accepted 1/29 and hubby 1/31. Everybodyis different. I'm sure urs is accepted already if its processing. Check where's my refund on

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    ONLY in due time at this time in your life have patience at this time.

    Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 02/01/2014

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    That means just what it says.

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    If it is processing, it is accepted.

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    no there is nothing wrong

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