Should David Moyes have out in a 35-40m bid in for Fernando and Mangala after the move to city failed?

It would of benefited our team a lot

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    7 years ago
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    I am not that keen on Fernando from what I have seen, and that is a LOT of money.

    I really think we need to stick to guaranteed success, Mata is a fine example, he clearly plays well in the prem and had a low risk in signing, someone like Kroos or Vidal, who are clearly fantastic and reliable players would be sensible options, although Moyes has money to spend I think he needs to pay a premium to get guaranteed World class quality.

    I would prefer Howedes to Mangala but i have seen a lot more of Howedes than Mangala so I can't say for sure that he would be a better option.

    But yes i believe they would have been improvements, just a risk as to how much of an improvement, Although the fact they play together does mean they would go together great in a new team.

    I think Moyes will eye up all the options.

    Purple- I never said anything was wrong, I just personally think a more established player at a higher level would be a much safer option at this point in time. It was fine for Fergie to make risky signings like Hernandez because he had a brilliant team that was winning the league, but when we are struggling i think making sure we buy world class guaranteed rather than potentially great/world class is a safer bet.

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  • I thought it was £55 million. £40 million for Mangala and I presume £15 million for Fernando.

    Looks like no-one gets past Fernando. I think he’s what United need to replace Roy Keane and put a bit of steel back into our team. Mattamomo, what’s wrong with Fernando? He’s better than anything we have at the moment. Does anyone know of a reason why United shouldn’t be trying to buy him for £15 million? Seems like a bargain to me.


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    We should have bought Draxler too. Just think what our team would have looked like with Mata, Fernando and Draxler added to it.

    We got rid of three good players in Fabio, Zaha and Anderson.

    Mattamomo – world class is expensive. I think Mata is a one off. I don’t think United are going to splash the cash as they should and need to, otherwise we would have done it by now. Fernando’s worth a £15 million gamble. Mangala for £40 million does seem a bit steep.

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