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Does the CIA, FBI, ATF or US marshals have a more dangerous job?

out of those 4 agency who has more people killed in action.


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    98% of CIA never leave a desk. Those left have dangerous jobs in the field. Not so much as spies but as agents working with locals overseas or ending up defending US consulates.since so many are stationed within the consulates.

    ATF has lost 2 agents out of about 2000 agents, since 2000

    FBI has lost 2 agents out of about 12,500 agents since 2000

    Marshals lost 4 deputy and 5 special deputies out of of about 4000 marshals since 2000..

    If you count getting killed in teh line of duty as dangerous, you decide.

    Note other than getting killed there are lots of other dangers in any LE work.

    CIA is not part of LE. They enforce no laws, they gather intelligence.

    The real most dangerous job in all of law enforcement, Federal, state. county or local is patrol officer

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    6 years ago

    The four agencies you mention have very few fatalities. The most dangerous law enforcement job you can get is traffic enforcement. Also traffic enforcement officers arrest more dangerous felons than all the above listed agencies combined.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    CIA because they can control drones and bomb children or they can torture people in secret prisons

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